Turn your photos into beautiful works of art on paper

Picoala equips you with a comprehensive set of tools to prepare, organize, and arrange multiple photos on pages using both automatic and manual layouts, and easily AirPrint and Share the results in PDF format.

Auto layout

Lay out automatically

Discover the ease of automatic photo arrangement and positioning, saving your time and ensuring optimal layout results.

Edit at every level

Explore three distinct levels of in-app content editing:

  • Project Level. Offers mostly global and automatically applied settings, well suited for updating the entire project and page.
  • Page Level. Allows to make layout and content editing of any single page, perfectly suited for layout adjustments and photo resizing.
  • Photo Level. Provides tools to modify any single photo, including crop, flip, and rotation.
Multilevel editing

Juggle Individual & Global settings

Streamline your workflow by applying the proper settings at the right moment:

Use Global settings when you need to apply the same adjustments to all photos and pages. Use Individual settings when you need to make changes to a single photo or page.

The app offers both options for most settings, like page size, margins, photo size, de-squeeze, etc.

Global settings
Individual settings
Picoala Collage Collage editing layer Collage selection popup

Create stunning collages

Choose the most suitable collage from a diverse collection of commonly used templates when Collage layout mode is selected.

Edit selected collage pages to make them truly unique and outstanding by using collage-specific tools, including resize, split, merge, swap, and more.

Manage multiple projects

Create, modify, and switch between an unlimited number of in-app projects to organize your photos for specific tasks, making them easily accessible for editing and printing.

  • Project: Good Morning

    Good Morning

    32 photos, 3 pages
    88,5 Mb 4:52 PM
  • Project: Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    22 photos, 6 pages
    120,8 Mb Nov 8
  • Project: Summer Holidays

    Summer Bliss

    55 photos, 10 pages
    291,0 Mb Sep 21
  • Project: Mystery Garden

    Mystery Garden

    24 photos, 4 pages
    78,2 MbSep 15

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