About Subscription

The app operates on a subscription-based model, providing users with access to a comprehensive set of features and tools through the Standard subscription plans. New users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period, allowing them to explore and try out the app's functionalities without any risk.

Family members will benefit from a shared subscription, allowing free access to the app through Family Sharing whenever any member of the family has an active subscription.

Why Subscription?

Our choice of a subscription model is driven by our commitment to providing you with an exceptional user experience. Subscriptions empower us to continually invest in the app's quality, ensuring it remains responsive, flexible, and equipped with the latest features.

This model enables us to offer unparalleled support, swift updates, and a seamless user journey. Your subscription not only sustains the app but also contributes to its ongoing enhancement, creating an environment where we can consistently deliver top-notch performance and meet your evolving needs.

Subscription Plans

The app offers three Standard subscription plans with varying durations: 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months. Opting for a longer duration from this list offers a discounted rate compared to the 1-month subscription. All plans provide the same level of access to the app and include a 14-day free trial:

  • One Month - $2.99.
  • Six Months - $14.99 (approximately $2.49/month with 16.7% discount).
  • One Year - $23.99 (approximately $1.99/month with 33.3% discount).

What is Included?

The Standard subscription plans listed here grant access to all features currently available in the app. Most core features planned for future versions will be covered by the standard subscription as well. To learn more about the current and upcoming features visit our Features page.

Cancel Subscription

A subscription in our app is a purchase made through the App Store on your iOS device. Apple provides a standard process for managing and canceling subscriptions. You can find instructions in Apple's official documentation.

The cancellation process ensures that you won't be charged for the subscription beyond the current billing cycle, while still allowing you to enjoy the subscription benefits until the end of the current period.